Node Requirements

Node Requirements

To join the network, a node must meet both staking and hardware requirements.


The Blockless Network supports multi-asset staking, including re-staked ETH and other assets approved by the foundation under DAO governance. Each node tier requires a fixed stake amount based on its hardware capacity, providing economic security and technical security measures.

The network allows both native staking and delegated proof-of-stake. At testnet launch, a communal staking pool will be evenly distributed to node operators following a whitelisting process.

Please note that staking is not enabled in the current release.

Hardware Specification

Node TypeMinimumRecommended
Orchestration Node2 vCPU8 GB5 Mbps4 vCPU16 GB20 Mbps
General Worker Node.5 vCPU1 GB2 Mbps1 vCPU8 GB5 Mbps
AVS Worker Node2 vCPU8 GB5 Mbps2 vCPU16 GB10 Mbps
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