Blockless Network

Blockless Network implements the Blockless Protocol and is a platform designed to launch, integrate, and secure specialized trustless networks. These networks, in turn, support the operation of Network Neutral Applications (nnApps).

nnApp Architecture

At the heart of each specialized trustless network, and by extension, each Network Neutral Application (nnApp) is what we term as a "function". Within the framework of the Blockless Network, every function encompasses three foundational elements:

  1. Code: This refers to the specific set of instructions or script that will be executed.
  2. Node Group: This is a collection of nodes responsible for executing the code. By default, every function must specify its own node group configuration, with the most fundamental configuration detail being the number of nodes.
  3. Consensus: This is the mechanism or protocol that verifies and validates the execution of the function.

In a fully-fledged nnApp design, multiple functions collaborate, interweaving their operations to fulfill the application's overarching objectives. This collaborative framework implies that a single nnApp could be serviced by several node groups, potentially comprising distinct nodes. Furthermore, different consensus mechanisms may be deployed in tandem to ensure the robustness and security of a single nnApp.

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