Account System

The Blockless account system offers a secure and user-friendly solution for managing funds and conducting transactions within the network. It employs an on-chain custodial account model using smart contracts to handle user deposits, payments, and other actions.

Key Features

Web3 Native

Each Blockless account is associated with a unique Web3 address.

On-Chain, Automated Fund Management and Payment

Payment process for users' calls and invocations are automated via on-chain custodial smart contract, with fees being deducted directly from their account balance.

Account Setup

To set up a Blockless account, users generate an authorized on-chain custodial account associated with their Web3 address. This Web3 address serves as a unique identifier for the account and is used for various purposes, including service payment, request authorization, and account access.

Upon depositing funds into the smart contract, users can leverage Blockless to create specialized networks for their network neutral applications, with the associated fees being automatically deducted from their account balance. By utilizing a smart contract for managing funds, the Blockless account system ensures transparency, security, and ease of use.

Testnet Notice

Blockless currently supports all EVM and Cosmos blockchain addresses. Users can connect to Blockless with MetaMask, Keplr Wallet, and Martian Wallet. Please note that the payment system is currently disabled during testnet.

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