Blockless is the platform to launch, secure, and integrate Network Neutral Applications (nnApps) at unprecedented speeds.

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Welcome to the New Modular with Blockless.

One of Bitcoin’s biggest selling points was removing the need for and reliance on banks and other centralized institutions that hold your money, print more of your money, and restrict your access to your money.

We believe that the next challenge is removing the need for and reliance on networks that host our applications, limit our applications, and restrict our applications' performance, usability and potential to scale. Applications should be “Network Neutral”.

If modular blockchain architecture is taking networks apart and allowing blockchain to do what it does best, with other layers supporting for execution…

The modular application architecture with Blockless allows for decentralized applications to operate outside of the constraints of blockchain networks and make their own decisions about workloads and consensus - decisions previously out of their hands.

This means that applications no longer have to sacrifice performance and usability to fit within the capabilities of their blockchain network, and for the first time, full-stack decentralization becomes possible - no matter the application, no matter the network.

Technical Features

Automated Orchestration

Workloads deployed on Blockless are matched and distributed to most the suitable nodes with pseudo-randomness via our advanced selection and distribution algorithms, ensuring the most efficient execution for your application.

Dynamic Consensus and Verification

Select the ideal consensus mechanism for your nnApp, with customizable options such as data aggregation, pBFT, or RAFT.

Blockless further enhances security and transparency by offering optional computation verifiability through zero-knowledge proofs.

Other Notable Features

  • Ultra-portable node software: Utilizing WebAssembly (WASM) and the WebAssembly System Interface (WASI), Blockless enables communities to use a wide range of personal computers (including laptops and phones) to empower network neutral applications and a new modular paradigm for Web3.

  • Fully extendable runtime: Blockless dynamically allocates network resources to accommodate fluctuating workloads of nnApps, allowing developers to focus on building innovative applications instead of manually managing the performance and uptime of their specialized networks.

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