HTTP Extension

The Blockless Assembly Script SDK's HTTP extension allows you to make HTTP requests and handle HTTP responses directly from your AssemblyScript code. It provides a convenient way to communicate with external APIs and services.

Here is an example (opens in a new tab) of using the HTTP extension with AssemblyScript:

import 'wasi'
import { Console } from 'as-wasi/assembly'
import { json, http } from '@blockless/sdk'
let handle: http.HttpHandle | null = http.HttpOpen(
	new http.HttpHandleOptions('GET')
if (handle != null) {
	let body = handle!.getAllBody()!
	let jsonObj = <json.JSON.Obj>json.JSON.parse(body)
	let kvs = jsonObj.valueOf()
	if (kvs != null) {
		let keys = kvs.keys()
		for (let i = 0; i < keys.length; i++) {
			let key = keys[i]
			Console.log(`${key}: ${kvs.get(key)}`)

Module Install

You can start using the Blockless AssemblyScript SDK by installing the package to your new or existing project.

Using npm

$ npm i @blockless/sdk

Using yarn

$ yarn add @blockless/sdk

Module Import

To import the HTTP extension, add the following line to your AssemblyScript file:

import { http } from '@blockless/sdk'
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