AssemblyScript SDK


Read data passed from the networking layer directly from host memory. Source code can be found on GitHub (opens in a new tab).

import 'wasi'
import { Console } from 'as-wasi/assembly'
import { memory } from '@blockless/sdk'
let envVars = new memory.EnvVars().read().toJSON()
if (envVars) {
	let environmentValue = envVars.get('ENV_VAR_NAME')
	if (environmentValue) {
		Console.log('Hello ' + environmentValue.toString())


constructor(): Creates a new instance of the EnvVar class.


buf: u8[]: An array of bytes representing the environment variables data.

private static vars: Map<string, string> | null: A map of environment variable keys and values. Initialized when the initialize() method is called.


read(): EnvVars: Reads the environment variables and stores the data in the buf property. Returns the instance of the EnvVars class.

toString(): string: Returns the environment variables data as a string.

toJSON(): JSON.Obj: Parses the environment variables data as a JSON object and returns it.

static initialize(): void: Initializes the vars property with environment variable key-value pairs.

static get(key: string): string: Retrieves the value of an environment variable with the specified key. If the vars property is not initialized, it calls the initialize() method to initialize it. Returns the value of the environment variable, or an empty string if the key is not found.

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