bls help

Displays a list of available commands.

Basic usage:

$ bls help
$ bls [command] [subcommand]
$ Commands:
$   bls login        Logs into your blockless account
$   bls logout       Logs out of your blockless account
$   bls whoami       Shows the currently logged in user
$   bls console      Opens the Console in the browser
$   bls components   Manages the components of the local environment
$   bls function     Manages your functions  [aliases: functions]
$   bls sites        Manages your sites (Experimental Feature)
$   bls self-update  Update the Blockless CLI
$   bls help         Shows the usage information
$ Flags:
$   -y, --yes      Assume yes to all prompts
$   -h, --help     Show help
$   -v, --version  Show version number
$ Options:
$   --experimental      Enables experimental commands
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